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Movie: Midnight ( 2021 )
A perilous find the stowaway between a psychopathic executioner and a hard of hearing lady Kyeong-mi, a young lady with hearing weakness who lives with her mom.
Movie: Sinkhole ( 2021 )
Park Dong-won (Kim Sung-kyun), a common man and his family move into a house purchased after 11 years of labour. They throw a housewarming party and invite all friends. A heavy overnight downpour creates an extremely big sinkhole, and in a mere minute, it engulfs the whole house with the people inside it. Deep down the hole, Park Dong-won, his neighbor Jeong Man-soo (Cha Seung-won), and the guests have to find a way out. As the luck would have it rain again begins to pour down, filling the sinkhole with water. They must find out a solution before time runs out to survive....
TV Show: School 2021 ( 2021 )
School friends helping each other overcome the barriers that come up while taking a less chosen path. In the course they learn invaluable lessons about life, love, and friendship.
TV Show: Our Beloved Summer ( 2021 )
A romance comedy that portrays the complicated feelings of a couple that breaks up saying, "It was an awful time with you, and let's never meet again!" However, the documentary they filmed 10 years ago in high school suddenly gains popularity, and they're forcibly brought together in front of the camera once more.
TV Show: Tinted with You ( 2021 )
In Korea's feudal past, the deposed Crown Prince Lee Hun has been forced into a lonely exile by his cruel older brother, who has usurped the throne. Lee Hun fears for his life at every moment, as his brother plans to secure his place on the royal seat by killing him. Assassins and other schemes are a constant threat for Lee Hun, whose only true ally is his faithful and kind-hearted bodyguard Guem.Meanwhile, in modern times, a high school student named Eun Ho loves paintings. In fact, art is his whole world. And when he is tasked with completing a mysterious painting, he is unexpectedly drawn back into the distant past, where he meets Lee Hun. The duo starts to form a close, romantic, and tender bond. But as the acting king grows restless, hoping to kill the exiled Crown Prince as soon as possible, Eun Ho begins to understand that he may be Lee Hun's best – or perhaps only – chance of survival...
TV Show: The One and Only ( 2021 )
An emotional romance drama about three terminally ill women who meet at a hospice. They decide that before they die, they want to take down one bad guy before they go – but in their attempt to take down "just one person," they wind up meeting the most valuable person of their lives.
TV Show: Snowdrop ( 2021 )
Snowdrop is known to be based on the handwritten notes of a man who escaped from a political prison camp in North Korea. In 1987, when tear gas exploded like firecrackers, a bloody man jumped into a female college dormitory and a female student treats him thinking he's an activist student fighting for the generation.
TV Show: The King of Tears, Lee Bang Won ( 2021 )
The King of Tears, Lee Bang Won sheds new light on leader Lee Bang Won who took the initiative to establish the Empire of Joseon during the end of the Goryeo Dynasty and early Joseon Dynasty when the ancient order of Goryeo was destroyed and the new order of Joseon was created.
TV Show: Bulgasal: Immortal Souls ( 2021 )
A fantasy drama about a woman who has experienced many reincarnations over the past 600 years while remembering all her past lives and a man who is immortal and has lived for over 600 years as a bulgasal, a mythical creature that feeds on human blood.
TV Show: The Silent Sea ( 2021 )
Set in a future Earth that has undergone desertification, The Silent Sea is the story of the members of a special team sent to secure a mysterious sample from an abandoned research facility on the moon.