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a cripple via my own stupidity an active hardline athiest on facebook altho not as active of late and an avid streamer of tv and film
oh and i keep tropical fish too [a five foot tank and a 4 foot with mainly amozonian basin ecology][some of which breed but i had to get rid due to overpopulation]


Life consumes the living to continue existing. Only through the death of other living things does life continue. From the tiniest things that are callable as matter, they consume. To the entirety of the system of matter system. Living is a machine fuelled by death. Anything and everything this universe can make is fundamentally flawed by this line of code. For everything in this universe that exists is made by trillions of interactions of this line of code. The orders from life itself, to consume the living are inescapable, while one is matter.
Matter is Samsara. This is the ignoble truth.
No body can be pure, for it is made by consuming life.
No deed can be pure, for it was fuelled by consuming life.
The pursuit while in this murdering machine to be pure is unachievable.
Enlightenment in these bodies is unachievable.
Buddha taught this ignoble truth and his followers buried it.
For who would join a religion, that offers no salvation.
that takes hope.
That consumes hope.
No religion would survive teaching
There is no “right” action possible
There is no “right” path followable
There is no way, while living as a consumer of the living
While living as an eternally enfolded entity
That at every level consumes the living
That at every essence of it’s being
Is an expression of causing death to survive
There is no way that, that death bringer can be
Enlightened, pure or noble
There is no religion that teaches this The only lesson Buddha taught
That was only learned by one disciple Disappeared
The ignoble truth: Life is Samsara, enlightenment is not possible here
The one ignoble path: if one meditates, maybe God will explain this to you
The one ignoble warning: Maybe God won’t
No religion teaches this because the lesson itself precludes any reason for a religion existing
The only ignoble lesson: It’s between you and God, That’s it that’s all
no holy books - only meditate to commune with God
no holy teachers - God is the holy teacher
No holy buildings - nothing is holy in samsara
No blessings - No prayers - no absolution - no salvation

Now get out
Buddha Na’a’astrea - circa 1817


Either you're blind, or there are no photos.

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